An Empath Working On Black Friday

Last year I worked on Black Friday, I also worked on Black Friday this year as well. I believe this to be one of the worst holidays for an empath to work, since it’s one of the busiest days for sales right after thanksgiving. This day may be very stressful or even feel like hell for the empath, but it depends on what their job entails. Some fields of work aren’t even affected by Black Friday, but if you work in retail you know how stressful it can be even if your not an Empath.

This post isn’t meant to be negative at all, but it’s to talk about the effects of working this day and how to cope of make it through the work day. You may be more likely to come across energy vampires, but this is just speaking from experience. Once in a while I’ve encountered them while at work, I always felt immediately drained afterwards. I personally feel this year went better for me than it did last year, but this is because I wasn’t cashiering the whole time. By the way, cashiering isn’t a job that’s very suitable for an Empath.

Some customers definitely will be a little crazy on Black Friday, it’s to be expected. You’ll have to try to remain calm and positive, if trouble starts up use that Empath charm you possess to keep the situation under control. You may need to be firm and not contradict yourself, when dealing with some of the customers. Also you might have to explain calmly a few times why a certain coupon isn’t working. There maybe times you’ll feel frustrated, but it most likely won’t last that long.

It’s time I talked about how you can cope with being an empath on this very busy and hectic day. There’s not much you can do at work to cope this day, but I do have a few things that come to mind. When you go on your break, you should meditate for a few minutes. Another thing to do is make sure you eat right and drink plenty of fluids, since you want to stay hydrated. If you take anything for something like high blood pressure make sure you do it, since stress from this day could cause it to rise very high; I had forgotten to take my blood pressure pills this morning, which turned out to be a huge mistake.

Working on Black Friday may not be bad for some strong Empaths, especially those who  learned how to tune out people’s emotions. Some of them may just fine this day physically exhausting instead of emotionally exhausting. The big crowds may have a strong effect on empaths, especially the one who are just learning how to deal or tune down the effects. Remember to take care of your health conditions, since it could strongly effect you on Black Friday.  Just try to remain calm and send out positivity, it’ll definitely be beneficial for you and your sanity.

September Update 2018

Well, I know I haven’t posted on WordPress in over six months, so I decided just to give you a little update. I haven’t had any paranormal experiences for a while, which is definitely a good thing. A couple months ago I adopted a black cat, she’s not friendly with the other cats though. My new cat doesn’t seem to acknowledge any spirits, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

Now, I just wanted to say that I haven’t had the time to work on my gifts lately. I feel that some of my abilities have gone dormant. My dreams weren’t as vivid for awhile, but the past month I’ve been having couple vivid dreams a night. My clairaudience ability hasn’t been as active, but I believe I still pick up on my name being called about once a month; I always think I hear my mother calling my name, but she tells me she didn’t every single time.

My Empath gift has seemed to be turned down a couple notches, which seems to be a good thing to me. The first few months working in retail drained the energy right out of me, it also seemed to affect the equipment I used at work as well. Some of the people I waited on at work had a negative energy to them, they would just suck the energy from me. Once in a while I wait on someone who’s in a bad mood, and it effects me.

Also, I would like to mention a month after my last post I had developed hypoglycemia or low blood sugar. I have the non-diabetic form of hypoglycemia, which was caused by my weight loss. I don’t think being an Empath and having issues with low blood sugar is a good mix. (lol).

Let me know if there are some paranormal topics you would like to know more about, I just might cover them in the future. Feel free to share some of the paranormal experiences you may have had in the past. Also, feel free to ask me anything.

Demonic Spirit Came Back

Well, I almost thought the demon had left for good, but it’s back again. A few weeks ago I did a recording for my video ‘My Dark Side (Part One)’, when I was editing I heard it make a comment a certain point and also heard it laughing when I had finished reading the script. The comment it made was, “You did it,” which implied something sinister. It was referring to my father’s suicide. I wasn’t scared, but it pissed me off.

There has been other things going on as well, which I’m going to talk about now. Last week I started seeing shadows again out of the corner of my eyes, but when I try to look directly at them they’re gone. I don’t know if it’s the demon or not, I wouldn’t doubt it though. I have the feeling the demon is just trying to mess with me lately, it just wants to make me miserable because that’s what they were created to do. The demon can try to intimate me, but I shall not cower in fear….I will stand my ground instead.

My dreams have actually been more vivid lately, but they all haven’t been good dreams. I woke up from one because I thought my mother was actually yelling for me, but when I checked on her she was fast asleep; at least I didn’t wake her up when I did because she would have been mad at me. I’ve had a dream similar to that before, it also had caused me to wake, but I had accidentally woken her up because I again thought what happened in the dream actually happened. I believe this was just another way the demonic spirit was trying to mess with me, but it actually hasn’t tried to physically or sexually attack me.

Now, I’m going to tell you about an actually paranormal experience I had last week. My cat and I had been cuddling on the couch watching YouTube videos, when suddenly I heard demonic laughter come out of nowhere; it only lasted for a few seconds. My cat had heard it too because it caused her to look up, she looked at where the spirit probably was. It sent chills down my spine, the whole experience as short as it was just plain creepy. I believe the demon just wanted to make its presence known, it knew how to do it too.

Well, these are just some the experiences I’ve had lately. I might do a paranormal investigation next month, but I’ll most likely do it in the next two weeks if I actually do one. I got a new camera with a better microphone, so it should pick up the spirits voices better. If anything else happens, I’ll be back to talk about that paranormal experience. I just hope I don’t have any that are too terrifying.

Learn How To Lucid Dream!

Do you have some questions about lucid dreaming or interested in learning how to do it? Well, in this post I’ll discuss how you can learn how to have lucid dreams, the benefits of lucid dreaming, a few interesting facts, how to control them, if lucid dreaming could be dangerous, and what mistakes people make when they first try lucid dreaming.  I strongly believed I’ve had a lucid dream before, but I haven’t had a real vivid dream in a long time. Lucid dreaming can be a wonderful thing to experience, but it can be frightening as well. You may reconsider how to lucid dream, once you learn what dangers you could possibly face. Will the benefits outweigh the dangers? Well, I guess you’ll have to continue reading to find out.

Now, if you made it passed the introduction, I’d have to assume you’re interested in learning how to lucid dream. First, you’ll need to understand what lucid dream is. A lucid dream is a dream where you’re complete aware that you’re dreaming and able to control what happens in the dream. If you really want to learn how to lucid dream, you’ll have to commit to it; otherwise, you may find it difficult or impossible to achieve if you don’t allow yourself some time everyday to develop this ability. A good way to start is either reading books or articles on lucid dream to understand the subject better and mentally prepare yourself for your first experience. You’re actually on your way because you’re doing it now by reading this blog post. There are three things that will help newbies get started with this: write your dreams down in a dream journal every morning, do at least several reality checks in your waking life, and meditate for at least ten minutes (especially helpful before bed time). Those small three steps are helpful because they help you realize when you’re dreaming, more observant of your waking life, and helps you remember your dreams more vividly. Herbal supplements may be helpful in aiding you to have lucid dreams, but it isn’t necessary and you can learn to do it without them. Raising the levels of Melatonin can help with lucid dreaming, so here are ways you can do that: going to bed and waking up at the same time; sleeping in a completely dark room; and eating foods like light or dark mustard, almonds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, and cherries. Pay attention to certain object will help you with realizing that you’re dreaming, since most of the time they’ll appear blurry in your dreams; especially items such as watches, mirrors, and book titles. “Set your alarm to go off half an hour earlier than normal. Set you alarm a bit earlier than you need to, so you can go back to sleep because you more likely interrupted the REM phase of sleep.” (How To Lucid Dream Tonight – 8 Ways To Hack Your Sleep). Also, eating a proper diet, getting between 7-9 hours of sleep, relaxing, and exercising regularly can help with lucid dreaming.

You may question if there’s actually benefits to lucid dreaming; well, there is and it’s about time we discussed them. As your lucid dreams become more vivid with practice, you’ll discover you’ll live out our wildest fantasies. You could try sky-diving, flying, being a hero, or kissing your crush. If you have insomnia lucid dreaming will be able to help with it, since your able to control your dreams nightmare will happen less frequently and improve the quality of your sleep. Some people have used lucid dreaming to solve their real life problems, you can try out different solutions without any repercussions. If you’re having trouble at home with a spouse, a friend, or a coworker you could try out different scenarios in your dreams to find out the answer to your problems.  You can learn more about yourself and dreams with lucid dreaming. For example, you can discover that dreams are a combination of verbal, visual, and emotional stimulation that develops into a plot or story. You can learn more about yourself because it might reveal what you secretly fear or hidden emotions, but you will discover for yourself how you can overcome them with lucid dreaming.

There are some facts you may find interesting about lucid dream, which I’m going to cover next. A study that was done in Germany showed that 82% of the people who participated explained they had at least one lucid dream in their life; Another study done in 2008 in Japan showed 19% of dreamers had one or more lucid dreams a month. Those two studies prove that if you want to have a lucid dream, it will eventually happen for you. Did you know you can pick what you would like to dream about before going to bed? A method to doing this is trying to visualize it in your mind by using pictures to help you memorize vivid scenes, paintings, scents, or phrases. Your brain is actually affected differently between regular dreams and lucid dreams. “In a 2009 study, scientists found that brainwaves of lucid dreamers were different than regular dreamers. In fact, they found that lucid dreaming is an altered state of consciousness with measurable differences from normal dreaming or being awake.” (Laura Allan, 15 Things You Need To Know If You Want To Try Lucid Dreaming). You’re able to use your lucid dreams as a tool to help you quit your bad habits. Some people claimed that they have used lucid dreaming to quit their bad habit such as smoking; They smoke a pack of cigarettes when lucid dreaming, so they don’t feel the need to do it when they’re awake. It’s possible to have more than one lucid dream in a single night. Since lucid dreams usually just last several seconds at a time, if you practice enough you’ll be able to have several lucid dreams within a nights’ sleep. Some experts in lucid dreaming stated they were able to have no more than five lucid dreams within a single sleep cycle. I’ve already mentioned what foods you can eat in greater quantities, now I’m going to talk about what foods you can eat in less quantity to help with lucid dreaming. Eating rice, oats, red radishes, tomatoes, and bananas in smaller amounts will boost melatonin and help with lucid dreaming. If you want to learn more facts on lucid dreaming, the link will be at the end of this post.

Since we covered some interesting facts about lucid dreaming, we should go over how you can control these dreams. People who suffer from chronic nightmares can benefit from learning how to lucid dream, since they’ll be able to fend of nightmares. If they would find themselves in a nightmarish situation in a lucid dream, they can change the outcome themselves to find an escape. I remember Shane Dawson mentioning one of the ways to do this is to jump or fall, since it will cause you to wake up. A few months ago I had this lucid dream I had driven off the side of a mountain to escape something, when I was falling I felt myself trying to wake up; I tried to stay in the dream and managed to do so, so it’s actually possible to keep yourself from leaving the dream if you feel yourself starting to slip from it. There are apps you can download on your smartphone that can help with lucid dreaming; two of the apps are Dreamz and SHADOW. With some of the apps that are available you can record a reminder that will after you’ve been sleeping for a while telling you that you’re dreaming. There’s four simple and easy things techniques you should do once you start having a lucid dream, which are: studying the palm of your hands, remind yourself you’re dreaming by saying either “I’m dreaming” or “clarity now”, sense how your body will feel when moving by spinning around, and sense the felling of friction by massaging your hands together. Try to stay calm and explore the scene in front of you, once you know and feel you’re completely stabilized within the dream.

Now, you may wonder if there’s a possibility that lucid dream could actually be dangerous in anyway. I actually haven’t experienced much of the negative sides to lucid dreaming so far. It’s really not that dangerous, but there’s the possibility that lucid dreaming could have a negative affect on you. One, some people end up having a hard time sensing between what’s real and just a dream. They might believe what they dreamed had actually happened; remembering to preform reality checks will help from happening, if you do it often or every-time you have a lucid dream. It’s possible you could become addicted to lucid dreaming. You might try to sleep every chance you get, but if you get too addicted to it just stop doing the reality checks and writing down your dreams in a journal to break it. It’s possible you could encounter some spirits while lucid dreaming, when I do this it’s never a good thing…I always encounter the demon. “It needs to be mentioned as one of the dangers of Lucid Dreaming though, because some people claim to have a Lucid dream and become really scared by their experiences and claim to have met spiritual entities who caused them harm in the dream and distressed them in reality.” (The Dangerous Side Of Lucid Dreaming Uncovered). I can strongly relate to that statement, but if it’s a dead relative or friend I believe you should be safe to communicate with them while lucid dreaming. If you use certain techniques, you might have a hard time trying to wake up; I would suggest trying another technique if this occurs. You may become distant from other people, develop a phobia of sleeping because of lucid dreaming, and may find it hard to stop lucid dream just to name a few more. There are some small or very minor dangers I didn’t cover, so if you want to know them all you’ll have to click the link at the end of the post.

Some people make mistakes when lucid dreaming, which I’ll be covering now. One mistake people make when learning to lucid dream is failing to commit, so if you strongly want to learn how to do it you must commit to it. It may take as little as 2 days to have your first lucid dream, but it could end up being 2 months before having your first lucid dream; it just depends on the person. Another mistake is that they’re trying too hard, I bet you didn’t expect to see this one. Well, there’s a saying about lucid dreaming, which is ‘Practice lucid dreaming mindfully – or not at all.’ (Rebecca Turner, 10 Mistakes Made by Beginner Lucid Dreamers). You must be relax when trying out different methods and know that you can’t force yourself to have a lucid you; as long you stay calm and relaxed before bed, it will happen eventually. If your not able to recall your dreams, then this could be a problem; since being able to recall your dreams is an important part of lucid dreaming. The intensity or yourself awareness in your dreams will rise significantly with excellent dream recall, so make sure you write down your dream in a journal for this to happen. People who are in the process of learning to lucid dream will commonly make the mistake of not stabilizing their dreams, since often will get excited and cause them to wake up suddenly. The most important thing to do is just to try and stay calm, once you realize your dream and enjoy your surroundings. One major mistake people make while experiencing lucid dreams is that they ignore themselves while dreaming and think lucid dream is about self control when its not. Lucid dreaming is about learning more about your ‘lucid dreaming self’, since there are some questions you can ask yourself and become more aware of your true self in the process. These are just some of the mistake people make, if you want to read more about the link will be down at the end.

Well, this is it. We went over how to lucid dream, the benefits, some interesting facts, how to control them, if it could be potentially dangerous, and some mistakes people make when first learning how to lucid dream.  All the resources to the information I used to make this will be linked down below, if you’re interesting in checking them out. If you’re interested in learning about other paranormal topics or have suggestions for me, then please feel free to post them in the comments section below.


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Do You Want To Learn About Psychic Dreams?

Have you ever had a dream that felt so real? Did that dream ever come true at a certain point in time? Well, then you may have had a psychic dream. If you want to learn more about psychic dreams, then I suggest you keep on reading. First, I’ll discuss how to know if you’re having psychic dreams and what three types you may be experiencing. Then, I’ll cover how you can learn to have psychic dreams and go over some facts along the way. After I discuss how you can teach yourself to obtain the gift of psychic dreams, I’ll go over how you can tell if your dreams show signs that you may have clairvoyant gift. Lastly, I’ll tell you a few psychic dreams I’ve had in the past. Also, I’ll share the resources I used to create this blog post.

Now, if you’re reading this you must be interested in learning about psychic dreams. I assume you might be reading this because you’ve had a dream in the past, and it possibly came true. Did you know there are three types of psychic dreams? I didn’t at first, but when I did I learned so much. The three types of psychic dreams you may experience are precognitive dreams, telepathic dreams, and clairvoyant dreams. Before I go into more details about these three types of psychic dreams, I’ll go over on how you can tell if you’re having a psychic dream or not. A strong indication that you’re experiencing or just had a psychic dream is that you recall it easily, since it’s a lot easier to remember psychic dreams than ordinary ones. Psychic dreams usually feel to real and are often vivid; I’ve had a lot of dreams that were vivid and felt real. Also, if you dreams tend to be very active, it’s a good sign that your dreams were a psychic one; especially, if the dream you had was a clairvoyant dream. A good way to describe precognitive dreams is when you dream about something that’s going to happen in the future before it happens; it could be about an event that may have a negative impact, but there’s also a lot of positive dreams showing a bright future ahead. Telepathic dreams is where you talk directly through telepathic means to your spirit guides, angels, pets, loved ones that passed away or just to another person while you’re dreaming; Here’s an example, “Telepathic dreams can include things like finding out your auntie is unwell and providing care for her, and then later finding out that your auntie has indeed been sick. You will have telepathically connected with your auntie in your dream.” (Wishing Moon). Clairvoyant dreams can be described as being able to access information you normally wouldn’t be able to when awake, unless you’re a person that actually possesses or has the clairvoyant gift; a clairvoyant dream will usually be about a certain event or person. If you want to further read about these three types of psychic dreams be sure to check out the links at the end of this post.

Well, I think its time we should learn how to have psychic dreams. Are you ready? There are a total of six steps you can take to develop the gift of psychic dreams. The first step is to discover how to lucid dream; If you can control your surroundings in the dream, you should be able control the direction of the message from the dream. The second step is to start writing your dreams down in a journal. “Write down every single detail about your dream including events and characters. This will help you see if the events came true.” ( The third step you can take to develop psychic dreams is just by keeping an opened mind; According to some studies, People who’ve had psychic dreams in the past are more willing to embrace their ability or gift. The fourth step is to decipher or discover the meaning of your dreams; The meaning of your dreams are never as they appear, since the symbols you see in your dreams are actually metaphors. The fifth step is to get a dream dictionary (I own one), which will be a useful tool to help you discover what your dream may be trying to tell you. Now, the sixth and final step you can take to develop psychic dreams is by meditating, since mediation allows you to clear up your mind and further boost your psychic abilities.

Would you like to learn some interesting facts about psychic dreams? Well, if you do here are seven facts about psychic dreams you may find interesting. According to, “60 to 70% of precognition happens in our dreams.” I find that interesting, don’t you? “Psychic dreams allow you to access information from beyond the physical, by connecting to a deeper, multi-dimensional spiritual realm.” ( Did you know that psychic dreams have been documented for generations through many different cultures? I didn’t, but I do now. You may find this fact very intriguing, “Visitation dreams are just a different form of telepathic dream where your loved ones who passed away reaches out to you while your dreaming.” Did you know that having very vivid and active dreams could indicate that you possess the clairvoyant gift in your conscious life as well? The past life dream is actually just an altered version of the clairvoyant dream, you’ll be able to see your past life experiences while dreaming. I’ve actually done this while meditating, but I don’t remember if I dreamed about them. Here’s one more fact for you, “There’s no explanation to why we experience psychic dreams in the first place.” Do you wonder why we get psychic dreams?

I’m sure your interested in how you can figure out if you may have clairvoyant abilities, we will go over signs that you may show this from your dreams. Well, one sign is having an active dream life, it may just indicate you have a psychic ability that comes naturally; these dreams can feel so real and vivid, the dreams may show events that will occur in the future and may keep you up at night or make you wake up several times throughout the night. Lucid dreaming is a tell-tale sign that you possess clairvoyant abilities that may be either awakening or hidden inside you; lucid dreaming is a good way to develop your clairvoyant abilities slowly. Now, before I finish talk on this subject I feel I should tell you three things you may see in very active dreaming. One, you may see spirit in a form of deceased loved ones, angels, and spirit guides, since your mind will be open for them to be able to contact you through your dreams. Two, another thing you may see is metaphors, since the Spirit and the Higher Self will communicate with you through metaphors and symbolism. The third thing you may see in dreams is events, they can be future, present, and past; if you’re able to do this in your dreams, then you should be able to see the future while your awake as well.

Now, I feel like I should recap of what we just learned, before I tell you a few psychic dreams I’ve had in the past. Precognitive dreams, telepathic dreams, and clairvoyant dreams are the three types of psychic dreams you may experience. If you can recall your dreams easily, if they feel vivid and real or active are tell-tale signs that your experiencing psychic dreams. We went over the six steps on how to develop psychic dreams: learn how to lucid dream, write down your dreams, keep an open mind, find out the meaning of your dreams, obtain a dream dictionary, and just meditate. I went over seven interesting facts about psychic dreams. Also, I discussed how you can find out if your dreams may show that you possess the clairvoyant gift.

My Psychic Dreams

I actually believe I’ve experiences all three types of psychic dreams. The dreams I’m going to talk about are in my weird dreams blog. I’m just going to talk about them slightly, if you want to read more about the the dream I’ll post the link to all of them at the end of this post.

  • The dream I’m going to be talking about now I believe was a precognitive dream, I had this dream over two years ago: I had met up with my mother and her boyfriend at A&W, they had another guy with them that was suppose to be my date. What stuck out the most about this dream was that my mother was back with her ex-boyfriend again. The main reason I believe this was a precognitive dream was for the fact that my mother started dating him again a few months later.
  • I’ve had many telepathic dreams in the past, most of them was with a demon; I feel the need to mention that not all of them are though. I had been chanting something in my head to repel it, but it didn’t work. The demon decided to stop me by causing me pain in my neck, it didn’t stop until thirty seconds had passed. When I woke up from this dream I actually felt pain in my neck and sensed its presence too. That’s when I realized it had actually attacked me and sent a message or warning. I had this dream almost a year ago.
  • Here’s an example of a clairvoyant dream I had was about this YouTuber I watch on a regular basis. We were filming a video together and had to stop because there was noise coming from this one room. It was something evil….a demon. In the dream, I told him I knew his house was haunted. A few days to about a week later, he mentioned some strange activity was going on. (I hope I’m not confusing this with a telepathic dream, but if I am this still isn’t only dream I would claim as clairvoyant.)

Well, this is it. I’m going to be posting the links to my resources I used to create this post. If you’re interested in learning about other paranormal topics or have suggestions for me, then please feel free to post them in the comments section below. Also, I’ll post the links to the three dreams listed above.






Links To My Dreams:

Dream #1 —

Dream #2 —

Dream #3 —


Update! We Need To Talk!

I know I haven’t posted in almost five months, but I would just like to say that nothing much has happen in a while. A month ago I got a job, so it’s going to affect my YouTube channel….I haven’t on there since September anyways. I haven’t been feeling like creating or working on videos.

There’s some good news though, I haven’t been attack by the demon for awhile. I don’t even feel it’s presence anymore, but I don’t believe that’s going to last. I feel that there’s a portal to the other side, which I’m sure happened when she used the Ouija board the wrong way. I did have an experience about a month ago, but I just felt movement on my bed. I still sense other spirits around once in a while, but I know they don’t possess a threat to me.

Now, this is what I really wanted to talk about….I’ve been experiencing a real or extreme awakening with my gift. I’ve mentioned when I first started this blog that I’m an Empath, but at the time I didn’t realize what type. Well, I figured out or believe that I’m a Medium Empath. I would like help with controlling or developing this gift further.

Being an Empath has caused me some issues at work….with the equipment I use. I seem to drain my handheld and radio at work, but this doesn’t happen everyday. One thing I noticed is that If I take a Vitamin B12 supplement or consume something with vitamin B12 in it, this doesn’t happen. I actually drained my handheld within my first hour at work, so it was completely dead. Yesterday at work the system wasn’t working right at all, I’m beginning to wonder if I had caused it. This is why I need help.

If you’re an Empath and have some advice for me please share it, I could really use it at the moment.  It seems like I’ve been more spiritual this pass week, by that I’ve been acting like an Empath when I’m alone. What should I do? Also I need help with shutting out other peoples emotions while around other people; when one of my coworkers felt like they were going to faint I felt the same way, once I left and grounded myself I felt better. I need to be able to do this while I’m working, but without drawing any attention to me.

Any help is appreciate. Thanks! ____ Paranormal Experience

Animal Spirit Activity & Possibly More Paranormal Activity Today

Yesterday, I had a very small paranormal incident. It really caught me off guard. I very clearly heard my cat Blackie meow, he had died almost a year ago. I believe my mother’s cat actually heard it to, he was looking at me like, “Yes, I did.” My cat Callie was outside at the time, she picks up on stuff like that a lot. I knew it was him because his voice sounds a little hoarse when he would meow. This paranormal experience had caught me off guard, but I wasn’t scared at all….it just surprised me.

Now, this next experience I’m about to tell you happened twice within the span of about six hours. Around seven o’clock the door bell started ringing, but I didn’t much of it and got up to answer the door. When I opened the door no one was there, I was confused at this point. When I told my mother no one was there, the door bell rang again; I looked out the already open door and through the screen to see no one was there again. I growled at it to stop it, it had quit until around midnight. After the doorbell had rang again, I unplugged it to ruin its fun. I could sense a spirit nearby, but I don’t know if it was a regular ghost or the demon. This is making me anxious as we speak.

Creepy And Weird Paranormal Experience!

Well, I had a paranormal experience a week ago from Monday. It didn’t happen very long at all, it was just about a few minutes. Of course, this paranormal experience happened in my bedroom, where most of them usually occur. This paranormal experience happened around the time I went to bed, I believe it was either two or three in the morning. Also, I have something else to talk about at the end.

Now, I’m going to tell you my paranormal experience in much detail as possible. Well, I was lying on bed and I believe I was messing with twitter or Facebook on my phone, I’m sure it was one of those social media websites. I suddenly felt movement on my bed, it couldn’t have been my cat because she was sleeping in front of me.

I tried to ignore it as best as I could and didn’t show I was afraid, I didn’t react to it for once. It had crawled up right behind me, it still had done this before I turned my light off. I believe it got tired of waiting for me to go to bed because I was taking so long. After being behind me for about thirty seconds, it touched my shoulder; I suddenly felt a burning sensation. I just brushed off my shoulder and continued to ignore it.

After about three to five minutes I guess it gave up, since I didn’t feel it behind me anymore. I was relieved when it was gone, but I know it won’t be leaving me alone anytime soon. There is one thing I would like to say, I’m just glad it didn’t try to sexually attack that time….

As I said before, I have something I would really like to talk about. Tonight, I was reviewing some audio and heard a couple spirits talking in the background. I knew without a doubt one of the spirits talking was the demon. I think there was about three spirits in the room with me, it was just unnerving to listen to.

The Demon Warned Me?!

Hello, this is Paranormal Experiencer. Today, I’m going to tell you about a dream I had last week. This dream was kind of stupid, but it did freak me out. I believe this dream I had was actually paranormal. Well, here it goes….

I was standing either in the hallway, when this strange and creepy event occurred. Some of my clothes came floating towards me on hangers, they were coming at me at high speed. It scared me; well, it actually terrified me seems a better way to describe it. The clothes actually stop right in front of me, but they never dropped to the floor. The dream ended with the clothes still floating in front of me, I believe my alarm clock went off at this point.

Now, I just want to say that the fact that the clothes were floating is the reason why I believe this dream is of a paranormal nature. I haven’t had any paranormal experience for awhile, once in a while I did have some small experiences that weren’t worth blogging about; it was over a month ago though.

Well, I guess I should explain why I believe the demon was giving me a warning. I strongly believe the message of the dream was it wanted me to know it was back, that it wasn’t done torturing me just yet. Also this week I’ve been hearing voices, like I can clearly hear my mother calling for me, but I ask her what she wanted she told me she didn’t yell for me; that alone literally creeps me out, while it make me angry at the same time. I almost thought the demon was gone for good, but then it came back; I hadn’t felt its presence for a while, but it does sometimes leave me alone for a few months. I guess that’s how the thing tricks me into believe it’s gone for good, but then it usually comes back full force.

My question for you: Do you believe the demon was trying to warn me? Please post what you really think or believe in the comments section below.

How Ringing In The Ears Can Be Paranormal?

Have you ever experienced ringing in the ears before? Did you know it can be of a paranormal nature? Well, I thought I would talk about this subject. In a book I recently read called ‘The Empath Guidebook’, it mentioned that ringing in the ear can be caused by ghosts or spirits. In the book it says, “Assuming that we’re not referring to Tinnitus, which is a ringing in the ear that affects many people, they may be hearing spirits trying to communicate with them. The problem is that it doesn’t work too well. Unless the spirit is perfectly attuned to the 3D level of vibration you are at, you will have difficulty hearing the message.” For the last few weeks, I’ve been experiencing this. When spirits actually want me to hear them, I usually hear their message clear as day. There could possibly be a new or different spirit that hasn’t tried to talk to me until now.

Now here’s another quote from the book describing how it could sound, “When a spirit attempts to speak in your ear, they are coming from a much higher vibrational level, and what you will pick up is a weird distortion that almost sounds like buzzing or a voice being played backwards at the wrong speed.” When I experience the ringing in my ears, It’s always a buzzing or ringing noise.

I also when I read the book I found this bit interesting, “Unless you can adjust your hearing, which, while not impossible, is rather difficult, it is unlikely you will pick up what is being said, and you will just hear an annoying noise.” I use to be able to pick what’s being said, but I can’t adjust my hearing; I wouldn’t even know how either. It’s mentioned in this book that you’ll be able to communicate with the spirits telepathically, but only if you’re an Empath or some other psychic ability you may have that let’s you do so.

If you are interested in reading this book, I’ll provide the link to it. It’s a free pdf:

Click to access The%20Empaths%20Guidebook%20full%20version%201.1a.pdf